Jogabola Futsal

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In the short time my little boy has attended Jogabola Futsal I have watched him grow in confidence, strength and skill. Mauro is a fantastic coach who strives to achieve the best from every child. Not only does my little boy enjoy the coaching and playing Futsal matches, he has also made a new set of friends. I would highly recommended if you are a beginner to Futsal or if you already play football and are looking for a new challenge.

Yvonne Michelle

My son has been going to Jogabola for 18months now and the develop in him has been fantastic not only in Football/Futsal but in overcoming challenges in a more productive manner. He has enjoyed the sessions largely because of the coaches interest in bringing the best out of each child. The sessions have been very well focused and ability based so each child can progress to their fullest. The enthusiasm from Jogabola is unrivalled with competitions/friendlies/tours all being offered. Would recommend to children of all abilities.

Gary Bradshaw

My son loves Jogabola! The sessions are fast paced and include lots of different drills to improve every aspect of football. Lots of people have commented on how much my son has improved since attending Jogabola.

Jo Hills

If you’re looking for an encouraging exciting environment to learn, Jogabola is the place to be. The coaches are one of a kind, my son absolutely adores them. You will notice a difference in your child’s game straight away. Your child will actually learn quality skills and train with the best of best around. I love how my son has a non judgemental environment to improve his skills.

Syed Ali

Joga Bola provide an exceptional level of quality within both the coaching and design of their Futsal sessions. The coaches are determined to develop the players they work with and push them individually to meet their potential. Classes are kept to a small size which really offers the coach and children to build rapport and create an environment in which creativity and learning can take place.


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