Futsal Programme

Futsal is intense and exhilarating, as defence turns into attack at breath-taking speed, an action-packed game which keeps players physically active whilst having fun is born!

Futsal Development Centre

Jogabola Futsal sessions are open to players of all ages and abilities so that any player that is interested in learning the game of Futsal and developing as a player, has the opportunity to play Futsal and become a jogabola player.

We take pride in working with all players and developing them as a person, as well as a player.

Our unique philosophy allows jogabola players to improve their game to another level. This programme is the entry point to our jogabola Academy programme for players to develop in an enjoyable and relaxed learning environment.

Likewise, many players join jogabola simply to learn the game of Futsal, to be part of something new, and to be part of a team that encourages creativity, flair and enjoyment.

Working with players from 5-16, Jogabola creates the right pathways for players of all ages and allows for each individual to decide on their preferred route of progression.

Girls Futsal Development Centre Girls

Jogabola offers specific futsal sessions for girls. Historcally football/futsal had been dominated by the boys – this is all changing. Today, the world’s most popular sport can have as much influence on a young girl’s life as it can on a boy’s. In fact, girls and women football is the fastest growing sport on earth! The growth, exposure and participation in the girl’s side of the game is immense.

Our program is aimed to develop close control, turns, close teamwork and passing. Our lesson plans are designed to bring street futsal into the mix encouraging creativity, individual creativity and to allow the players to dream achieve things beyond their own expectation. A strong sense of teamwork, building great confidence and reliability on each other is a natural progression for the Seniors

One To One Tutoring

Need an extra session to improve your ball skills & technique? At Jogabola we offer a One to One coaching session that is planned to deliver the player that extra support he/her needs to improve their technique, fitness and game management.

A baseline fitness test assessment will be given in the first two sessions and the athlete will be monitored under the assessment. This unique program offers the athletes their own personal profile where the coaches will monitor their progress. A video library is also available where all the sessions can be filmed and analysed.

Specific strength and conditioning sessions for futsal will also be included in the program.