To ensure that every child, with a talent for football has the opportunity to develop their skills whist being reassured of equal game time.

Jogabola Football Teams

Jogabola FC is a Charted Standard Club set up to support those players who have a talent and desire to work hard to ensure future enjoyment in football. To help them to do this, Jogabola are employing professional coaches to coach all the children and create a fun, creative, learning environment, so children can develop all aspects of their game.

However, Jogabola FC does have the added advantage of being able to call on the relevant people to be able to progress the players in a wider sector of clubs e.g agents who have contact with all the major clubs i.e Manchester United, City, Wigan, Everton etc. This is very different from local development squads and academies as they are restricted to their own clubs.
This means that any player with potential will have many doors opened to them and the club will support them to make the right choice for them.

Playing Fee

Jogabola FC have an annual fee of £300.00, this can be paid at the start of the season in one payment or we can spread the cost over 12 months at £25.00 per month. Note this price might vary due to the age group.

These fees cover costs such as coaches, facilities, league fees, referees, insurance, equipment, trophies and tournaments.

Signing on fee

There is also a £35.00 signing on fee payable each season.

This covers the admin involved in registering your child with the league & FA other club registrations.

Important Information

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